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Best in Mobile app Development in Nairobi, Kenya

We are creative and passionate towards our profession reaching every corner of the market. Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of the technology and the power of globalization. Why Partner with Waplee Waplee Technologies has got technology solutions powerful enough to transform your business to an established brand. We are fully loaded with the experience that can help your brand surpass any hurdle in reaching your target market online. We roam on social media like a champ and shaking hands with us can give you the long-awaited exposure in the digital world

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Why is Website Redesign is Important

Is your website looking a bit old-fashioned? Has it become a bit slow and cumbersome of late? Do you yearn to integrate that new shopping cart functionality that will boost sales? Well if you’ve been asking yourself these or similar questions perhaps it’s time to commission a redesign for your beloved website. Here are some website redesign benefits Improve brand perception This is a no brainer. We’re talking about design, we’re talking about functionality and above all we’re talking about the user experience. Your website is your shop front, your corporate face, your digital presence online and it should look and operate the best it can. Your website needs to portray your brand positively and consistently with your other brand channels. It typically determines the aesthetic of your other channels, so get this right and everything else should follow. Directly linked with brand perception is consumer trust. If you have a […]

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Why Website Maintenance Is Very Important For Your Business

On average, website outages cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Websites sit in a difficult nexus of business strategy. They’re often as important as a brick-and-mortar store but are much more prone to failure.But how can businesses take care of their website without deviating from their day job? To answer that question, businesses are turning to the experts to protect them. Web development does not end with website establishment. If left without proper attention, a digital platform would pile up with bugs, outdated information and irrelevant data. The Benefits of a Website Maintenance Plan for your Business 1. Constant Support and Updates Technology evolves rapidly. With a website maintenance plan you can be sure that all your plugins and search engine algorithms are up-to-date and your business doesn’t fall behind in terms of security or search engine optimization. For example, new Drupal or WordPress updates appear constantly. With a website maintenance […]


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