Why Website Maintenance Is Very Important For Your Business

On average, website outages cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Websites sit in a difficult nexus of business strategy. They’re often as important as a brick-and-mortar store but are much more prone to failure.
But how can businesses take care of their website without deviating from their day job? To answer that question, businesses are turning to the experts to protect them.

Web development does not end with website establishment. If left without proper attention, a digital platform would pile up with bugs, outdated information and irrelevant data.

The Benefits of a Website Maintenance Plan for your Business

1. Constant Support and Updates

Technology evolves rapidly. With a website maintenance plan you can be sure that all your plugins and search engine algorithms are up-to-date and your business doesn’t fall behind in terms of security or search engine optimization.

For example, new Drupal or WordPress updates appear constantly. With a website maintenance plan you have a team of web developers who monitor all the new features and update your platform immediately to keep it fresh and prevent it from getting bugs.

2. High Level of Security

If your website is not fully up to date and doesn’t have all the latest patches installed, you are wide open for a hacker attack. It is hard to believe that a hacker would ever target a small business website. However, they have automated tools that scan the web in search of unsecure websites that can be infected with their malicious code. No matter what type of platform you have, whether it is a personal blog or a huge corporate website, if there is a weakness they will happily make use of it. Each outdated plugin installed on a site is an opportunity for a hacker to get in.

A website maintenance plan is the perfect security solution. Timely updates prevent you from being hacked. No doubt, you can check for the updates yourself. But usually there is not enough time or you might simply forget to scan a platform in time. Let a professional development agency to monitor and keep safe your website. In other case, a hacked website can cost your business a lot of money.

3. 24/7 Monitoring

Nobody can guarantee that your website will be online all the time. Errors happen both on your side and on the server side. Whether a few days or a few minutes, any downtime on your digital platform costs you sales and customers. This is where you need to have a web development team that is not only monitoring your website 24/7 but also knows how to get it back online as soon as possible.

4. Proper Hosting

Hosting is a key element of a website fast loading speed. How long do you usually wait for a web page to load? Analytics show that the visitor will only wait up to five seconds before leaving a web page. A web development company can place you on a proper hosting that can handle the load of website visitors.

You never know what websites share hosting server with you. However, Google knows and associates you with them. These websites could be anything — including gambling or even drugs. If any of them gets hacked, all the other platforms on that server will be taken down as well. To avoid such unpleasant situations, make sure you have a web development company that can help you in choosing the best hosting package.

5. Reliable Website Backup

A website may crash either from server error or broken code. That’s why it is important to have a backup. If you’re constantly publishing new content and getting many comments, you’d better consider weekly or daily backups. Unfortunately, you might have no time for looking through code or spending hours on line with a server provider to figure out how to fix your site. A website maintenance plan benefits you again. A development team will check your platform for any small or big issues and back up the website as soon as possible.

6. Recommendations for Site Improvement

You are free to choose any website maintenance plan according to your needs and budget. However, when choosing a super support website maintenance plan you get a number of benefits, such as recommendations for site improvement or quick response to any request. Website development and maintenance requires constant attention from the professionals. With a super support service plan, you can be sure that your site is good and safe all the time. What’s more, it is more profitable to pay for the better service plan now then spend huge sums of money on website fixing later.